American expatriates in the Philippines

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American expatriates in the Philippines Join the American expats network in the Philippines and expand your social network!

All Status Expatriate Expatriate-to-be Local. All Genders Male Female. Planning to live in the Philippines, comes from USA. I am married to Lolita and have been for 28 years.

I have three grown I'm James and I'm a fashion, beauty, and portrait I was born in the Philippines but lived in the USA for all of my American who has lived below his means and is looking to retire early Greetings, expat living in the Philippines, for the moment, but have I am who I am, leave it at that. Too many to list and to varied to be meaningful. Born and raised in Southern California, I now seek a more casual life I am a vagabond extroidnaire.

I am a retired truck driver. My Filipino wife and I have a 16 month I'm an introvert and a news junkie. I am a Software Engineer. Members in the Philippines Nationalities Regions Professional statuses. British Virgin Islander 3 members. Central African 1 member. Costa Rican 9 members. East Timorese 1 member. Equatorial Guinean 1 member. French Guianese 2 members. French Polynesian 8 members. Hong Kongese 37 members.

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