PAMM Manager Performance

Mar 05,  · Was a time when I was looking also for someone to invest with (PAMM account) but finally after reading a lot on the internet about PAMM account investors, I decided to leave it aside.I read your per-requisites above, and I would advice you NOT to take an account that has % drawdown.

Unlimited number of accounts.


MAM Forex trading - what's inside?

Unlimited number of investors. All trading styles - hedging, scalping, news trading, EAs, etc. Help with allocation and API. Can get fee from broker. Server-side plugins that allow instant executions, broker control and live updates. TP, SL and Pending order full functionality. Access to Forex, indices and commodities. Unlimited number of Accounts and Investors, possibility to set Account settings, possibility to use EA and different trading strategies.

STP Account specifications, the tightest spreads, the fastest order execution, no slippages, no requotes, no delays. Fees personalized in agreement with manager. Free to withdraw money at any time. Unlimited trading accounts, group order execution, partial close of orders, EAs allowed, back-office support.

More than 10 parameters for the Manager's account setup. No limits to the amount of investments or investors of PAMM account. Partial close of positions. Live monitor of risk and order management. Control of withdrawals and funds. Overview of open trades, balances and margin levels. Help with administrative and legal documentation. Free to agree fees, and conditions with client. Help with legal documentation. Free to agree with manager conditions and fees with total support from broker.

Reports of profit and loss. Partial close of orders. IC Markets Forex Rebates. Full market, limit, stop, OCO orders. Adapt trading conditions to each sub-account. Free to pre set up allocation. Dedicated base office support.

Administrative documentation is managed by back office. Streaming news and market updates. EAs allowed and trading tools. Real time prices, fast execution and multiple order types. Possibility to apply advisors. Auto-correction of transactions volume.

Full monitoring of manager's accounts. Protection against non-authorized access. Able to trade individual or institutional accounts. Execution and tracking of trades and orders on individual or group levels. Unlimited number of accounts must be authorized first. Advanced charts and tools. Full functionality of orders placing and modification, partial or complete closing positions, receiving broker emails, news updates. Platform support accounts with different currencies. Free to chose trading strategy.

Block or individual trading. Up to accounts controlled at the same time. All order types accepted. Free to use all MT4 tools. Market watch window, Live order management monitoring, EAs allowed, Partial close of orders by Master account. Flexible trade allocation tool. Access to all markets offered by the broker. Extensive research and analysis tools. Streaming, real-time market data.

Partial closing of open positions. Unlimited number of managed accounts. Free trade on own MT4 account regardless of manager. Account funds can be managed by different managers. Customizable fees, penalties for early withdrawal and minimum investment ammounts.

Help with administrative documentation. Automatic allocation and performance fee calculation made by back-office. The Alpari PAMM account is an investment service that gives investors the chance to make money without trading themselves on the Forex market and allows managers to earn additional income for managing client funds.

A manager creates a PAMM account, starts trading, and designs their proposal for investors. Investors choose a manager in the PAMM account ratings and invest money in their account. The manager keeps on trading on their PAMM account using both their personal capital and the funds of their investors.

The better the manager's trading results the better their position in the ratings. If the manager makes a profit, the amount of funds on the PAMM account increases and the profit is distributed among the manager and investors based on the size of their initial investments. The investors pay the manager a part of their profit as remuneration. The remuneration amount is specified by the manager in the proposal and depends on the amount of invested funds.

There are two types of partners a manager can recruit:. A partner can then get in touch with the manager and agree on the percentage they will be paid. If you do wish to attract investments in your trading account, InstaForex PAMM system will make your quest of investors quick and convenient.

After the registration with the PAMM system as a managing trader your account will be added to the monitoring list making it available for investors. Enter the name of your project, contact information that will be available to your investors, adjust the settings of your PAMM project and complete the registration. Immediately after the registration your account becomes a part of the PAMM system and appears in Monitoring available to potential investors in Client Cabinet on the official website of the company and on the websites of its partners.

You will start receiving investment requests in several hours after the registration. You can either accept or decline them. So, in case an investment has brought profit, a trader gets profit according to his share in the project and commission for managing investor funds, which will be accrued to the PAMM trader account after the investment refund is processed. After the registration with the PAMM system and account replenishment, a trader starts trading and demonstrates positive results.

The PAMM trader account attracts attention of a potential investor who eventually makes a decision to invest. The PAMM trader receives an investment request, accepts it and waits for synchronization. It occurs once an hour, so approximate time of waiting does not exceed half an hour.