The basic mechanics of FX swaps and cross-currency basis swaps

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Keep up the good work Nial. Several times my trades sat in limbo while others were feasting away at the profits. Just like with decryption, you can either verify the signed message from your clipboard or by selecting the file.

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A cross-currency basis swap agreement is a contract in which one party borrows one currency from another party and simultaneously lends the same value, at current spot rates, of a second currency to that party.

Metrics - Machine learning evaluation metrics. Microsoft Windows Python programming on Microsoft Windows. PythonNet - Python Integration with the. PyWin32 - Python Extensions for Windows. Miscellaneous Useful libraries or tools that don't fit in the categories above.

Pychievements - A framework for creating and tracking achievements. Tryton - A general purpose business framework. Natural Language Processing Libraries for working with human languages. Jieba - Chinese text segmentation. Pattern - A web mining module for the Python. Pyretic - A member of the Frenetic family of SDN programming languages that provides powerful abstractions over network switches or emulators.

Networking Libraries for networking programming. Twisted - An event-driven networking engine. News Feed Libraries for building user's activities.

Stream-Framework - Building newsfeed and notification systems using Cassandra and Redis. Peewee - A small, expressive ORM. Package Management Libraries for package and dependency management. Python Package Index conda - Cross-platform, Python-agnostic binary package manager.

Curdling - Curdling is a command line tool for managing Python packages. Permissions Libraries that allow or deny users access to data or functionality.

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Notice that the message is at the top under the header, while the signature is at the bottom. If you chose to sign an entire file, the software will generate a separate. Also keep in mind that encrypting and signing are not mutually exclusive. You can opt to both encrypt and sign data to protect the message from eavesdroppers and allow the recipient to verify the message came from you. To verify a signature on a signed message or file you will obviously have to first download and import the corresponding public key.

Just like with decryption, you can either verify the signed message from your clipboard or by selecting the file. When verifying the signature on software, the developer will typically provide a link to a. Consider the following release notes for Bitcoin-QT:. To verify the integrity of the Bitcoin-QT for Windows say , you would first verify the signature on this message then hash the bitcoin The output should look like this:.

Then just compare this output with the hash in the signed release notes. If the two match, you know you have a good file. You may be asking, how in the world do I calculate a hash function? Some operating systems will let you do this from the terminal. For example in Linux you can just type:. Otherwise, you could easily use an online hash calculator. Finally, we should probably talk a little about key management. One of the downsides to PGP is susceptibility to something called a man-in-the-middle attack.

This attack works like this: The first thing you would do is download their public key. However, it may be possible for an attacker to intercept your internet communications before they reach the server containing the public key. Even worse, the attacker could re-encrypt the message with the correct public key and forward it along it the destination.

Neither you nor your communication partner would know the message was intercepted. Obviously, a critical part of security in PGP is the ability to trust that the public key belongs to its purported owner.

While complete trust is difficult to achieve, there are a few methods you can use to increase your level of trust. Obviously, finding an appropriate communication channel to verify the fingerprint can be tricky.

It becomes much harder if the attacker has to watch the communications of multiple IP addresses and servers. To this end you can increase the trust in the public key by downloading it from multiple locations home, work, the library, Starbucks, over Tor, etc , from multiple devices, and from multiple servers.

Gather up all the keys and check to make sure they are all they same. If so, you can be reasonably confident the key is valid. It would be extremely difficult to pull off a MITM attack after all that.

This creates the opportunity to introduce a sort of six degrees of separation trust model. The only downside to web of trust is that it can be difficult to get started and make enough connections to link you to all the keys you wish to download. While we could go much more in depth, what we covered should be enough to get you started using PGP. Just remember, given the revelations about U. Until then, stay safe and feel free to email me with questions.

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