ICT Theory Optimal Trade Entries

It would be great if Michael can make a chart analysis of the Bitcoin price using several higher time-frames (monthly, weekly, daily chart) using BTC China data.* *because that is the oldest available continuous price data by now (without the exchange getting hacked) and the market is .

Beware, there are stops close below that are ready to be raided. Thanks for your comment. I want to represent my teacher!

Micheal Huddleston – The Inner Circle Trader

He was teaching forex on forums and posting videos for like 1 year. While claiming that he had been an institutional trader and had worked in the industry for many years. He then took his trading live with an acceptable challenge.

ICT also released a tonne of free videos via downloadable links, only the keen learner watched everyone of them. ICT's intention has been to help traders become better traders, he also stated that he would never charge for he's efforts, though I guess people can change there minds and there is nothing criminal against it. I regard ict as an exceptional man with undoubtedly the best ethics in mind. If it wasn't for ict I would not be where I am now as a trader. I have written a lot about the concepts only to en grain it into my own self and have it there for reference, it just happens to be on the web.

As it is today ICT is starting to put he's free tutorials back onto he's website theinnercircletrader. All this material is still valid and some of the download videos that were shared outside of these video series mentioned, were absolutely with out a doubt pro traders material. Having a full understanding of the ICT educational FX trading program, will put your trading to a new level of experience.

Having such knowledge gives you the trader what you have been looking for. An FX trader should be moulded into a designed set of knowledge also understanding that there education and experiences will take time to develop, ranging from 3 to 10 years depending on there educational program duration expenditure. There is plentiful material ICT has produced and shared publicly for those willing to take on the challenge of FX education looking to become good traders.

My advice to a newbie, set your time in advance for you to gain knowledge and experience within this career choice, having put the time in front of you for the time it takes to develop as a foreign exchange trader. I want to anticipate market in real time! I will post what im doing in the market before I trade. I want to show you my teacher concept how I precisely use them to make my trade.

I discovered something new with his swing concept. I will post everyday my trading analysis to show you what I Learn from Michael sir I will share my Trading journal and everything what I learn from my teacher Thanks for Reading…………….. Jul 14, Messages: Jul 10, Messages: Thanks for the kind words but do me a favor. Please don't call me Sir BTW I miss Clark Cameron my Son 8yrs old takes the prize.

TheInnerCircleTrader , Sep 2, Dec 20, Messages: I am inspired by a few things that come from my back ground and who i have been around in my life. ICT has not only taught me the markets, but kind of helped me out to, i am a bit of a creator in my own right so anything that i can foresee as a finished product, i will attack it with confidence, positivity and pride no matter the out come.

Live and learn to prosper on any level. SLT , Sep 2, Commercial are net long more than last 12 month on Euro so i am expecting EU for bullish but it has to be confirmed with open interest. Waiting for open interest to get fall in daily chart but open interest rising so im still bearish. Jul 13, Messages: Hopiplaka , Sep 3, Jul 16, Messages: Just be aware of upcoming News. Whilst I do not expect extreme volatility there is always the chance that stops may be subject to extreme slippage if the News is unexpected.

May 6, Messages: Is anyone still around here? Lucifer , May 6,