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Can you tell me how can I download the different Moving Averages weighed, exponential, triangular so I can add them to my MT4 platform?

Moving Averages: EMA, SMA and WMA

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How to download indicators. Thanks a lot for your generosity and sharing your knowledge with people. What goes around comes around So wish you all the best and success in your fantastic career. Displaced Moving Average DMA is your regular Moving average with only difference that it's been shifted in time either backward or forward. A negative value would mean a shift backward - so that your Moving average will stay behind the price N number of intervals.

Such Displaced Moving average is able to contain the price in a trend better. A positive value would cause a shift forward - such Displaced Moving average becomes a leading indicator, which to some extent helps to anticipate next moves.

I used 5ema, 10ema and 20ema. Depends what you want from it. I know this may sound crazy but, for me the best short term average is a channel made of the 8 Smoothed MA high and the 8 Smoothed MA low. This provides excellent trend direction and helps alert you to sideways movement and assist in determining breakout.

I make them each a different color just to make it easy to spot the high and low of the channel. Thank you for providing indicators and explanations hard to find anywhere else. You have helped me more than you can imagine.

Plus if you could also explain better please precisely what is meant by the above herein blog post regarding the screen shot of the Displacement Moving Average DMS settings mean?. Hallo, Danke für die Aktualisierung der Software. Es funktioniert nun sowie auf Live- wie auch Demo-Konto. Wenn die neue Version V7 erscheint, lassen sie es mich bitte wissen.

Noch ein frohes Neues Jahr. Sehr geehrtes Team, nach einem kurzen Test im Demo-Account bin ich wirklich positiv überrascht,bitte daher um die Freischaltung meines echten Konto. Ich habe schon mehrere Forex Systeme getestet, doch mit keiner eine solch gute Performance erzielt.

Ich nutze den Trendimperator seit ca. Bis jetzt alle trades positiv abgeschlossen. Kann den EA kaum erwarten! Danke für die Zusendung.

Danke tolle Arbeit habt ihr geleistet mit dem Tool,auch euer Support funktioniert einwandfrei. Ihr macht echt ne gute Arbeit, das ist das Beste was es gibts zum traden finde ich, was besseres gibts net.

V4 ist schon der Hammer! Ich hoffe das V5 alles topt. Choose "Save as" or "Save link as" to download the indicator. Bollinger Bands — a simple yet powerful indicator, ideal for traders who like visual style of trading. Created by John Bollinger, the Bollinger Bands indicator measures market volatility and provides a lot of useful information: Trading with MACD indicator includes the following signals: MACD histogram flipping over zero line — confirmation of a strength of a current trend.

MACD histogram diverges from price on the chart — signal of an upcoming reversal. Forex Bonus - latest bonus offers! How to choose the best combination of Forex indicators The goal is to pick the best indicators set.

Two most popular Forex indicators Variety of Forex indicators available on advanced Forex trading platforms can sometimes create a challenge even for an experienced Forex trader.