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First Model P

The magazine retainer is located at the bottom of the grip, which is not appreciated today, but it was completely acceptable on civil pistols decades ago. The pistol is not equipped with an automatic magazine safety, so the gun may fire without a magazine being inserted. Black plastic grips are fastened to the frame by a single long screw. The 6-shot magazine is actually the same as with FN M pistol, and magazines are interchangeable in both models.

The striker with mainspring is located in the rear part, and on the right side there is a common type extractor. Sights are small, but sufficient for the intended purpose of a compact pistol. The barrel is again close to the FN M, with the only difference of a knurled collar around the muzzle, which facilitates the disassembly of the gun. Barrel rifling consists of four right-turn grooves. It is not a larger variation of 6. Again, it is not an original development, but it owes a lot if not the most to another Browning masterpiece, the FN Model This Belgian pistol was highly popular in Europe and it was copied in smaller or greater extent by several gun manufacturers all over the world.

Theodor Kommer chose the same way, as he did successfully with 6. The automatic grip safety was again omitted and several parts were adapted for simpler manufacturing. The frame, as main and for manufacturing the most demanding part, is simplified in the same way as with 6. This means that the frame is open on the left side from top to bottom so the magazine cut-out is covered by the plastic grip only.

On the top of the frame there are longitudinal guides for the slide, and above the trigger there are four transversal grooves for fixing the barrel. The firing mechanism follows the M and the trigger bar and safety mechanisms are simplified in the same way as with 6. The disconnector is built as a nose on the upper part of trigger bar, and contrary to the smaller model, it interrupts the connection of the trigger bar with the sear as soon as the slide starts moving to the rear.

Consequently, firing is possible only when the slide is in the correct forward position. There is no automatic magazine safety, so the Kommer 7. As already mentioned, the German pistol is also without automatic grip safety, and the manual safety is slightly different as on the Browning FN M It is located on the left rear part of the frame and is rotatable for degrees between the safe and fire position. When in safe rear position, it can be used to retain the slide in the correct position 20 mm to the rear for separating the barrel from the frame.

The magazine retainer is located at the bottom of the grip as usual with several European civil pistols. Grip plates are made from black plastic and are secured by one long screw.

The return spring is mounted around the barrel. At the rear part of the slide there is a place for the striker and its spring with guide. The simple extractor, its spring and retaining pin are on the right flank of the slide. The barrel is simple and contrary to the 6. The barrel is rifled with six right-direction grooves.

The magazine is of a normal box type, with a fixed bottom. On the right side there are six control holes and the magazine has a seven round capacity. Disassembly and Reassembly Kommer pistols are simple to operate and all models are disassembled and reassembled in the same way as the corresponding Browning designed FN Models and After customary safety procedure - removing the magazine, cycling the slide, inspect the chamber to be empty, and dry firing the gun - the procedure is as follows: Reassembly of all Kommer models is in the reverse order.

All these data are not present on all Kommer models and variations, especially 6. Typical markings are shown on photos of our two pistols. Two types of German proof marks may be found on the Model 2, 3 and 4 pistols: Only the crown over N is present on the Model 1, because its production ended about Proof marks are located on frames, slides and barrels.

Serial numbers of all Kommer pistols known to the author are below 20,, which is in accordance with available data about the extent of production in the small Kommer factory.

Most of the Model 4 pistols have additional assembly number present on internal surfaces of the frame, slide, barrel, barrel bushing and firing pin. The most frequent numbers are 11 and 77, while the examined pistol with serial number has assembly number 2.

The control on the slide is a decocking mechanism that releases the hammer while camming the firing pin up into the slide. There is a grip safety blocking the sear unless fully compressed, but the control in the same position as a thumb safety on a Browning Hi-Power or Mstyle pistol is not a safety. The take-down lever is used to lock the slide back as the Browning Hi-Power safety is used during disassembly to allow removal of the slide release lever.

In later variants, this lever is omitted and the slide must be manually aligned to remove the slide release lever. Once the slide and frame are aligned by the disassembly lever or manually , the recoil guide is pulled forward to release the slide release lever and allow it to drop free.

The slide will then be free to run forward and be removed from the frame. The magazine catch is to the rear of the trigger guard and not at the heel of the grip in the typical European fashion of the time. A pistol lanyard is installed in the heel position for pistol retention.

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